Friday, February 24, 2012

Steve didn't win fair and square after all.  Another disappointment in Canadian history.  I know this isn't a cartoon but I want to post this video here anyway.  When I think about it, Steve is a kind of a cartoon in many ways.  His rise to power has a fictional feel to it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr Harper's lies are very troubling to ordinary citizens like myself, and my family.  What lies you ask ?  Listen to his statements claiming it's only his government that raises the issue of human rights to China ?  It's a complete whopper to claim that Jean Chretien didn't boast at all times about the freedoms Canadians enjoy and how those freedoms help us to become as prosperous as we have been.  I'm not even a liberal, I'm an independent - - but I can recognize reality; Mr Chretien was a much stronger prime minister than Mr Harper.  Mr Harper is a believer of the New World Order's right to enslave Canadians.  That makes him fail right there as far as I'm concerned.

I don't trust that Steve has my best interests in mind.  Steve doesn't care if I'm free or if I'm a slave.  He doesn't care either way.