Sunday, March 13, 2011

This picture represents the stupidity, foolishness, and childishness of our current World, which is completely at war and seems to be gearing up for permanent war. The totalitarian governments are uniting to destroy our democracy, enslave our peoples, and force us to pay tribute to them .
Steve Harper and "Harper's Government?" and The Conservative Party Elite should be tried for treason, that's my opinion. If I see Stephen Harper I will place him under citizens arrest according to Section 494 of the Canadian Criminal Code. I will tell him "Steve you're under arrest for treason. We're going to face somebody you have no respect for - - the law !"

Of course Stephen would then use his powerful death slave machine (known as the CRAP) to destroy me . He'd like to destroy you too but he pretends otherwise. Isn't it funny how you get that strange feeling like he's fooling you ? That's because he is fooling you. He is selling you for slavery because he is a puppet submitting to richer people, people he considers to be better than himself and better than you . If you want to fight him the time is now. We're lucky that we have our parliamentary system in Canada because we don't even have to get violent on Stephen. All we have to do is completely shame him by destroying the CRAP at the ballots on Election Day. Remember 1993 ? That was the last time a bunch of War Mongering Pig Dogs tried to enslave us with their death machines. We reduced them to 2 seats. Goodbye Steve. *(editorial note, later Steve won that election, making a fool of me.  But I predict eventually the sane Canadians will pull a Mulroney turnaround on Steve and his approval will be low.  We can only deny reality for so long before reality asserts itself. )

Of course the stakes are higher these days than the early nineties, or at least don't they seem higher ? We had George Bush steal the election down south, lived through 8 years of his terror . Probably Steve wouldn't have scruples about stealing an election up here .
Harper did say "George W Bush is allowed to call me whatever he wants." Good dog Steve.


Here's a neat trick we should try : Anybody who makes over a half billion dollars, take the amount over a half-billion, I mean the citizen keeps the half billion, but the rest of the money is directed immediately into hospitals, schools, roads, energy . . . the state. Billionaires who read this, please remember that without the state you would have no money at all . . . why not take a fair share and build a better state with our shared wealth. It's not even hard. All you have to do is stop spending so much money and read a book instead or draw a picture or look at a sunset or sing a song or dance with a partner or any of the infinite joys of human existence which don't require any money at all .

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Now true Canadians have the power to remove our horrible Conservative Harper Government. Vote against the Budget, the government falls. We don't need bullies trying to scare us. We need responsible leadership, eh ! Elect an Independent in your riding. Political parties are now obsolete declares Mayor McCheese.