Thursday, August 26, 2010

The wars are getting worse. I know this because we just bought 16 billion dollars worth of fighter jets. We need them to fight the terrorists who hate us and our freedom. Fighter jets are especially effective against roadside bombs and suicide bombers. These fighter jets will probably cost closer to 30 billion dollars because we had to borrow the money to buy them. I had a plan to spend the 30 billion dollars feeding, clothing, and sheltering the afghan civilians, and also by the way how about all the Canadian civilians too !? What a crazy idea, shut up old man ! That's what the kids tell me. They love the video games eh ! I'm a preacher now ! Listen to the preacher on the soupbox ! I'll wash everybody's feet and also their mouths with soup. Don't panic anybody, I just want to tell you I'm alarmed about this. Probably what happened is that I don't understand the situation clearly, and the actual facts are SNAFU.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the jet has value in it's shapes

27 August, 2010 07:31  

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