Sunday, June 6, 2010


1 Billion dollars, Steve Harper ? You have shown me you're a total goof.

Steve Harper doesn't know how to use the internet. That's my only explanation. Great. Our leader is ignorant about one of the greatest tools ever known to Democracy.

It's impossible to organize the Summit over the internet, right ? There's no possible way to co-ordinate the Summit over the internet and save 1 billion dollars.

Steve wasn't so bad in Opposition. These days the power went to his head. Who needs him now ? Just a small group who want to twist everything for their own short-term gain. Steve doesn't even pretend he cares about all Canadians. He's just interested in "playing the game," like his mentor Brian.

Can't believe Steve ordered Oliphant to ignore shit about the Airbus mystery. If I was leading the inquiry, I'd be very interested in what Steve ordered me not to look at. I would laugh at Steve and say "I'm going to look at all the things you told me not to look at. And I am going to share what I know with my fellow Canadian citizens." ha ha ha ! I am not afraid of Steve. In fact I wish him all the best in his future life as a former prime minister.

I'm tired of seeing fat leaders tell the skinny hungry to tighten their belts. I'm tired of being powerless to stop idiots from destroying our ocean. Everybody tells me to stay calm, "don't get mad, that's un-professional. Gotta be cool man." I'm tired of staying calm while I get poisoned.


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